Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Hit Maker

My sweet little hellcat, Buffy Jr, has just written her 3rd hit* song. It's a breathy, Janet Jackson-esque dance tune with very interesting lyrics:

I don't have to
I don't want to
It's a fallacy

I'm cool
I'm awesome
It's plain to see

Poof you here
Poof you there
It's goin' down...

Can't you just see Janet Jackson a la Rhythm Nation dancing around and singing this?

 Buffy Jr started writing songs at the tender age of 3. Her first was this sweet little number, written while she was sitting on the potty:

   Sometimes, I cry
and I don't know why.
Maybe, I'm sad
or maybe I'm mad

But then my mama
gives me a hug
and then I don't feel so bad.....anymore.

Introspective at age 3

She has also written a death metal song that I "forgot" to write down. It was full of appropriately dark and angsty lyrics. And when I say "appropriately" I mean appropriate for the genre, not appropriate for a sunny six year old.

Who me?

Buffy Jr isn't just a singer/song writer though, she also is a rapper. Most people who have met her have heard her 90's rap version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", complete with a Vanilla Ice style "boyeeeeeee!" at the end. 

She has always been creative musically and while most of her songs make no sense whatsoever, every now and then I am blown away by what comes out of her mouth. Where does she come up with the melodies? What is she basing her lyrics on? And more importantly, how the hell does she know what the word fallacy** means? 

*the term hit meaning I wrote it down

**for the record, I think "fallacy" was a total fluke. She probably has never even heard the word, much less knows the definition.

The future of music