Monday, November 30, 2009

Letter to Santa

Today Buffy Jr wrote her letter to Santa. Here's the problem: I forgot to have her write it BEFORE we did all our Christmas shopping online on Black Friday. I was a little nervous about it but THANK GOD she had something on it that we bought her.
Also, it happened to be the only thing on her list that was feasible for us to buy:

  1. a diamond
  2. a house
  3. a microphone
  4. a xylophone
  5. a zombie
  6. a boat

No, I didn't buy her a zombie....I'd like to see even Santa pull that one off.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving!

We had dinner with the family. Buffy Jr wow-ed everyone with her intelligence and cuteness. Buffy III charmed everyone with her adorable pudgy cheeks and the fact that she is so quiet for a 3 month old. It was so nice not to have to cook and to be able to spend the day with people we love.

While counting my blessings today, I came up with a few in addition to being thankful for the normal things like health, family, jobs, etc.:

  1. relatively warm weather so far this fall
  2. being able to leave my kids with the grandmas when I have to work
  3. not having to pay for daycare
  4. the dog cleaning up the food that gets dropped so I don't have to
  5. I made it through Walmart in 45 minutes on Thanksgiving Day!
  6. stock doing so well
  7. all of the new vaccinations available to kids now-a-days
  8. Black Friday!
  9. cheap cute shoes at Target
  10. looking good in hats
  11. hand sanitizer
  12. Milecon
  13. baby smiles and coos
  14. sloppy, sticky 4 year old kisses
  15. having 2 vehicles that run and one being paid-off
  16. a husband who works so hard for our family
  17. Twizzlers
  18. chai tea
  19. having a new book to read
  20. every single living breathing being in my house except for me being asleep by joke. Kids, husband, dog, cat.....and I have peace and quiet.