Monday, October 31, 2011

My Spooky Halloween Story

A little background: I love paranormal stuff. TV shows, novels, ghost stories, etc. BUT I am and have always been a skeptic. I always try to look for the logical explanation....after I get excited and freak out. About a month or so ago, Buffy III started acting strange when she was in her crib. She would point to the ceiling and say,
See dat baby?Dat baby right dere!
Of course, I have never seen the baby but she talks about him often. She calls him "Goby Joe".
When I Googled "Goby Joe", this is what I got.

Recently, some odd things have been happening: weird noises, things falling, seeing things out of the corner of our eye, and Mr Buffy and I like to joke that it must be Goby Joe. In fact, just last night I was saying how every time I sit on the couch and watch TV, I will catch something moving out of the corner of my eye in the bathroom. Mr Buffy confessed to seeing things too, but we decided that it is probably the reflection of he window in the bathroom mirror.


Then today while I was frosting the cupcakes I had made for Buffy Jr's school Halloween party, I felt something behind me. I assumed it was my husband, and then I felt a tug on the hood of my sweatshirt. I turned around to see what he wanted. Nobody was there. I immediately got hot and started sweating. I found Mr Buffy and Buffy III sitting in the living room watching Dora. EEEEPPPPP!!!!
After I freaked out, I realized that my hood probably just got caught on the back of my sweatshirt somehow, but couldn't help but ask "Goby Joe? Is that you???"

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  1. I felt the vibe too when I was in that house, I just put it off as Carol's ghost "Johnny"....just do not tell Buffy JR. Ma Slayer